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      Heavenly Creations Tool Co., Ltd. Jiangsu is China's large export-oriented enterprise, founded in 1981, covers an area of 1.2 million square meters, total assets of over 5 billion yuan. Tiangong International Co., Ltd. is the world's High-speed steel, cutting tools, CNC tool production base is produced (twist drill hole processing tool tool), and dedicated high-speed tool steel raw materials, mainly of professional manufacturers. Heavenly's products are all in accordance with the National and international standards organizations related to the production, selling products in Europe and America in the world more than 50 countries and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since 2001, Heavenly is the largest high-speed steel production enterprises, Heavenly Creations is a national key high-tech enterprise, TG hole processing tool brand products straight shank twist drill was awarded the title of China Top Brand, TG registered trademark is considered well-known trademarks in China. Heavenly International 7, 2007 26 successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board, stock code: 826.
      Heavenly built the first domestic high-speed steel rolling production line, the company introduced automatic 500T Austria GFM forging machine, forging successfully launched the production line, a first metallurgical industry in Jiangsu Province, 250, 300,350,400,550,650 rolling, rolling, forging the company ranging quickly; hole cutting tools are introduced to the foreign set of automatic machine tools, production technology and equipment in China and the International Special Steel, tools, called the industry leader, is the largest high-speed steel hole cutting tools production base.
      Heavenly Creations products adopted in 1998, China Fangyuan Commission and the State Quality and Technical Supervision ISO9001 international standard quality system certification. Heavenly production M7 molybdenum high speed steel was identified as the "National Home Torch Program "and" high-tech products in Jiangsu Province "and" China's high-tech products catalog "product, M42 High Speed Steel is identified as" scientific and technological project of Jiangsu Province "and" national Torch Program ", TG high-speed tool steel by 2005 Torch Project of Jiangsu Province, M1 high-speed tool steel are identified as national key new products of 2005 projects, TG brand tools, high-speed steel was awarded China Top Brand.'s Credit rating AAA grade, keep the national contract heavy credit enterprise, is a national key high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province Key, won the "National Top Ten metal tool manufacturing industry effective enterprise" (No. 1).
      Heavenly stick to production, study and research the combination of road, and Steel Research Institute, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Science and other well-established research and cooperative relations, which together with the Iron and Steel Research Institute Formed a high-speed steel research center, and Southeast University has set up high-speed steel and tool engineering technology research center, established a post-doctoral research station in Jiangsu Province, through cooperate with universities and high-speed solution Steel, tool steel produced a large number of practical problems, has created a large number of skilled inventions, innovation and strong practical talents.
      Heavenly Creations from the special steel industry to have an integrated set of tools for industry production and sales system, with three more than ten national patents, maintaining China's largest export to high-speed steel cutting tools are also status. Heavenly hair Development philosophy is: "closely around the main business, doing fine so meticulous and Make good professionals," Heavenly build international brands, to become the world's leading high-speed steel and high speed steel cutting tool manufacturer. 

Tiangong International Co., Ltd. is the world's high-speed steel, cutting tools production base, large export-oriented enterprises, the state one of mechanical and electrical products export base in July 26, 2007 listed in Hong Kong stock code: 826.2001 years Heavenly High-speed steel output ranks first in the world, "TG" brand has become well-known brand.
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